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Submitting a Request
You can exercise your rights under CCPA by filling in your Personal Information below. You will need to indicate which request types you are selecting for submission. As a customer you can also opt out of our sharing your policy’s Nonpublic Personal Information for affiliate marketing. You must provide your policy number(s) for this.
You will also need to confirm that you are a legal resident of California and that you are the consumer making this request for yourself. You can do this by checking their respective attestation options below.
Finally, you can submit your request to us. By doing so, you are confirming that we have provided you with notification of your rights under CCPA.
Please note that any Personal Information collected as part of this process will only be used by us as allowed by CCPA and other regulations, and to fulfill our obligations and permitted business purposes under these regulations.
Verifying a CCPA Request
To protect your privacy and comply with CCPA, we must verify all CCPA requests pertaining to the Personal Information of California residents based on regulations that will be adopted by the California Attorney General. These verification requirements are expected to be adopted sometime in late spring of 2020.
Responding to a Request
You should hear back from us within 45 days from the date you make a CCPA request. For more details on this please see section Response Timing and Fulfillment in our California Privacy Policy.
Please note that there is not an additional response for an opt-out request. Your policy will be updated with your choice to opt out. The “Success” message following your submission will serve as our response to you.
Privacy Support
For questions or concerns about our privacy policies and practices, you may contact us at NGHCSupport@nghcprivacy.com. Please note that sensitive information should not be sent to this email address. You may also leave a voicemail for our Privacy Team by calling 833-303-2724.
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Current and previous customers, please provide the information below about your policy. This information is required for an opt-out request:

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